The Universe Communicating With Me


 I'm eighteen years old. I have barely entered into that world of responsibility and being bombarded with adult activities. I am still learning and growing tremendously though, and forming habits, ways of thinking, and ways of doing, that have the possibility to stay with me into my far future. I have been building a habit of opening my eyes and focusing myself on nature... on Earth. With this I have found such awe and amazement at the Universe. It's crazy how many times a week I can see and hear the Universe saying, "I have another lesson for you, Rebecca. Let me help you."
 A few days I was watering the grass in my backyard. There have been troubles with our sprinkler system, so my mom and I have been watering the lawn by using hoses. This isn't much of a big deal or a hassle, though, as I enjoy the outdoors; it's rather nice. I spent around 15-20 minutes or so watering the grass, and once I was done I wrapped the hose back up and sat down on a lawn chair to enjoy the spring weather a bit longer. As I did so, multiple birds came to the lawn. They started drinking from a few puddles of water that were along the edge. I watched with delight as I saw more and more come, and they all looked different from one another. I don't have much knowledge in bird species, so I couldn't tell you what kind they were.

     The sweet birds came and then they went. I smirked a bit as a thought came to my mind. When I nourish myself, my thoughts, my mind, and my body, others can be attracted to me. When I feed and water my soul, I can be of help to others. I cannot share my water with anyone if I do not have sufficient water myself. And when I do have water, I can help many different people. This instance also testifies to me the timing of experiences. Just like these precious birds, people will come and go as well. That doesn't mean that you won't see them again, that they didn't mean anything, or that you should be sorrowful over any relationship "lost", because it will never be lost. People come into our lives when we need them, and they need us. The wisdom shared between a relationship is everlasting. 

Have gratitude, humility, and excitement for the future of new relationships and experiences that are in store for you.


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