Fantasy booklist

I love fantasy books and I have list of great book I've read and want to read. 

“Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. Its a way of understanding it.” Lloyd Alexander 

  1.   The sister’s Grimm series- Michael Buckley 
  2. Sixty-eight rooms series- Marianne Malone 
  3. Animal spirits series- Brandon Mull 
  4. Wide awake princess- E.D. Baker
  5. The Spiderwick Chronicles- Tony DiTerrlizzi & Holly Black 
  6. Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles-   Tony DiTerrlizzi & Holly Black 
  7. Hatchet- Gary Paulsen 
  8. Charlie and the chocolate factory- Role Daul 
  9. Charlie and the glass elevator - Role Daul 
  10. The land of stories- Chris Colfer 
  11. Incorring children of Ashton place- Maryrose Wood 
  12. Doorn series- Tony Abott
  13. Ginger Pye: Elenor Estes 
  14. The Farthest away: Lynne Reid Banks
  15. Man who was poe: Avi 
  16. A wrinkle in time: Madeleline L’Engle 
  17. The fairy Rebel: Lynne Reid Banks 
  18. The Tales of Beetle Bard: J.K Rowling 
  19. Toby Tyler and Mr Stubbs: James Otis
  20. Ink Heart Series: Cornelia Funke
  21. Dragon Rider: Cornelia Funke 
  22. Narnia Series: C.S Lewis 
  23. Left Behind Series (my favorite is #5)
  24. Percy Jackson Series: Rick Riordan
  25. Harry Potter Series (my favorite is #7) 
  26. Middleworld Series J&P Voelkel 
  27. Half Moon Investigations: Edin Colfer
  28. A single Shard: Linda Sue Park
  29. Children of the Lamp series: P.B Kerr
  30. Indiana Jones Series: Ryder Windman 
  31. Dinotopia Series: Scott Ciencin 
  32. Artimes Fouls: Eion Colfer
  33. Leven Thumps: Obert Skye
  34. Alcatras VS. Evil Librarians: Brandon Sanderson 
  35.  Rangers Apprentice Series: John Flanagan 
  36. The cooper kids adventure series: Frank E. Peretti 
  37. Black Cauldron: Loyd Alexander 
  38. Fly By Night: Frances Hardinge Burroughs 
  39. Tin Tin: Alex Irvine 
  40. Eragon Series: Christopher Paolini 
  41. 100 cupboards series: N.D Wilson 
  42. Peter and the Starcatchers series- Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson 
  43. Fablehaven- Brandon Mull ( I am half way done with #4)
  44. Kingdom Keepers series-  Ridley Pearson
  45. The 39 clues series- Various authors 
  46. The thief series- Megan Whalen Turner 
  47. Five Kingdoms- Brandon Mull 
  48. Mars series- Edgar Rice Burroughs 
  49. Never land series- Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson 
  50. Fly by night-Frances Hardinge 
  51. Lost héros' series- Rick Riordan
  52. Big Red Tequila- Rick Riordan
  53. The Kane Chronicles- Rick Riordan


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