Things to love in life that are free:


+ world around you
+ rhythm of a heartbeat,
+ influence sunlight has on you
+ call that excites your spirit,
+ be in love in being marvelous, be in love with the unknown,
+ authenticity over perfection,
+ universal language of laughter,
+ humbling fact there is someone or something greater than yourself,
+ way a conductor conducts his symphony,
+ radio talk show host who pleasantly greets you every morning,
+ expression of love little flowers show when they blossom,
+ way little children's eyes light up so effortlessly

Be in love in being.

When opening my eyes a little wider and breathing in life as it is, I feel a constant flush of goodness that penetrates every moment I get to live.  People are ever so curious as to how I stay cheerful.

I tell them one thing: be grateful.

And act on it.

Enjoy what you have.  Seek opportunities to throw your whole heart into loving people.  Smile a little brighter.  Admire beauty.  Remember that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster - it's a cha-cha.  Move forward until you feel good.  Choose happiness and gratitude.  Over and over again.

That, my friends, has been my north star.  I dare you to think of one thing that made you smile today.

This is your life and you get to live it.  Isn't that exciting?!  I LOVE that we are presented with every opportunity to be happy.  I am super excited for the infinite potential you each hold the capacity to and the ability to choose happiness in any given moment.

Stay groovy.  Stay grateful.  Stay fresh.


  1. So inspirational Thank you for such a wonderful post! :)

  2. It was my absolute pleasure! Really. I am happy to share good stuff with people who are willing to listen.

    1. You are a true Writer! You did a great job!